Doing Business with the MBTA: Powered by Fairmarkit.

Simplified open solicitations for Suppliers, Vendors and Contractors.

The MBTA has launched its new digital platform for small bids and supplier management running on Fairmarkit.

Geared toward non-construction procurements of under $50,000, Fairmarkit replaces a manual system with the electronic processes programed to advertise and award small bids in a manner that is simple, open, and equitable

As the T transitions to Fairmarkit, an increasing number of informal solicitations will be competitively bid and publicly accessible through a platform that is designed to promote transparency and fairness, and that levels the playing field for all suppliers.

Want to do business with the MBTA? It's easier than ever.

For procurements over $50,000, go to the MBTA Bid and Solicitation webpage here


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